The most common issue in most compressed air systems is the leakage of compressed air which results in a decrease in system efficiency and excessive waste of energy. Compressed leakage means that compressed air is escaping from the system through any part which can be a hose, valve, piping, or fitting.

This kind of issue can be very costly as a high amount of energy consumption will appear and operating courses will also increase to a great extent. Therefore, we are here with an informative topic about the causes of air leakage in a screw drive compressor and why it’s important to pay attention to it.

Causes of Compressed Air Leakage

Compressed air can be leaked through any part of the air compressor system and this will impact the system efficiency very badly. Given are a few of the causes of compressed air leakage:

Loose Connections

Loose connections within the compressed air system are the most common cause of compressed air leakage. Several fittings, valves, and hoses become loose because of vibrations, inadequate tightening, or temperature fluctuation that results in air leakage.

Poor Maintenance

When irregular or poor maintenance is practiced then there is a great chance that compressed air starts leaking. The risk of air leakage can be increased by ignoring the routine inspection, addressing potential leakage promptly, and tightening connections.

Wear & Tear

An air leakage can also be caused because of constant use of the components and this regular use results in wear and tear of components. There is a great chance that when a compressor keeps on operating regularly then the gaskets, seals, and other plastic parts may degrade before time and result in air leakage.

Improper Installation

Sometimes improper installation of different components like wrong fittings, wrong pipe size or incorrect use of sealing material can also cause the compressed air to move out from any part of the system. Hence, it’s important to keep in mind certain installation procedures

Fault in Pressure Relief Valves

A compressor system is protected from over pressurization with the help of safety devices that are pressure relief valves. If this device is not working properly then it will not be able to close perfectly after relieving the excess pressure and that results in leakage of compressed air.

Damaged Piping

Another common reason for compressed air leakage is damaged or corroded compressed air piping. When the piping is exposed to chemicals, moisture, or any other such factor then it will start deteriorating. The pipe walls will weaken, creating large or tiny leaks and will cause the compressed air to leave the compressor gradually.

Fault in Valves

Compressed air leakage can be caused because of faulty or damaged valves. As the flow of compressed air is controlled by valves and if they are not working properly, the air will easily escape out of the compressor.

Impacts of Compressed Air Leakage

The given mentioned negative impacts can be created by the leakage of compressed air:

  • The noise level produced by the compressor will increase to a certain level and will destroy the working environment.
  • Leakage of the air will demand more maintenance from the user as it will create strains on the compressor.
  • The overall efficiency of the compressor will fall due to compressed air leakage and in this way, the whole performance of the compressed will be down.
  • It’s a fact that when the compressed air starts leaking from the compressor then it will waste a significant amount of energy.


It’s very crucial to create a safe working environment when using a vsd air compressor. It will be easy for you to adopt different safety guidelines by understanding the hazards that can be generated by air. In the same way, you can also minimize the risk of accidents by insurance operator training and make sure that there is nothing wrong with your air compressor.


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