The best portable pressure washer models

There are many portable pressure washer machines in the market. If you understand your job well, you will buy the most appropriate one that will do the job. Here are the top four machines.

Bosch Fontus Cordless Outdoor Cleaner

It’s among the most significant self-contained portable models. It holds the water it uses and has everything needed in one unit. It cleans several things both outside and inside the house, including dogs. Its lithium-ion battery is 18v and lasts long, giving super-efficient energy.


  • It has everything on a single unit, including water, battery, and brushes.
  • It has a 15-liter water tank to give seamless small-medium size cleaning services.
  • It has four different spray patterns for various cleaning tasks.
  • It has different pressure speeds to handle various cleaning services.
  • It has storage space for keeping cleaning heads and hoses.
  • It has expandable handles and wheels for easy movement
  • Recharges in two hours and runs for one hour doing the job.
  • It has an 18V lithium-ion battery

Greenworks G40DC40 40V cordless pressure water

The machine uses a 40v lithium-ion battery to drive the motor. It doesn’t need electric cables. It’s possible to move it around, cleaning different surfaces with no restrictions. It can clean bikes and camping gears because of its compactness. It can clean vans and cars in areas that don’t have electricity.


  • Works in areas without electricity.
  • Provides water pressure of 70 bar that dislodges dirt from diverse surfaces
  • It has a six-meter-long hose for adequate reach, even on long caravans and vehicles. It has a 40V lithium-ion battery that can fit any other Greenworks 40v machine.
  • It has a 20-liter water tank.
  • It’s light for easy storing and a good balance between practicality, power, and affordability.
  • It cleans anything anywhere.

WORX WG629E.1HYDROSHOT pressure cleaner

It cleans dirt and grime from any surface. It’s effective in cleaning garden furniture, patios, and cars, and it draws water from any available source since it doesn’t have an inbuilt storage tank. It has a high psi of 320, making it suitable for cleaning dirty surfaces. It provides pressurized water 4 times more potent than a hose on a spray gun and 10 times the standard garden hose.


  • It has 6 meters hose to get water from your storage area.
  • Provides different pressure for diverse bulks of dirty surfaces
  • Its psi of 320 is 4 times stronger than normal hoses pressure.
  • It has a rotating head at different angles to give diverse water effects lie mist.
  • The battery is shareable on other WORX equipment.
  • It takes three hours to charge the battery that will run for 20 minutes on maximum pressure and 35 minutes on low pressure.
  • It has many accessories to aid in cleaning.
  • It has a three-year warranty if you register online, but if not, it gives two years standard warranty.

Karcher 6v OC3 Portable Cleaner

It’s a portable machine, compact and small to fit in the back of a car. It gives good pressure slightly above the spray gun and hose. It has less water capacity of 4 liters.


  • It has a self-contained water tank of four liters.
  • It has a five-bar pressure rating for gentle cleaning like on muddy bikes
  • Perfect for cyclists, hikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts
  • The tank has an indicator to show when to refill.
  • It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.


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